April 24, 2024

Boat Gadgets for your summer trip on the water

Canada might as well be called lake country, as Countrylicious reports that it’s home to an estimated 2 million lakes. If you added up every lake in every other country in the world, you still wouldn’t have as many lakes as Canada. It’s a boater’s dream, at least for boaters away from the saltchuk, and what better way to get the most out of your Canadian boating trip than to check out the latest tech gadgets and gear before you go?

Before you casting off, you’ll need a Canadian boat operator license. Also called a “Pleasure Craft Operator Card”, this card is required if you’re visiting for 45 consecutive days or more in Canada, if you’re using a rented boat, or if you’re using a Canadian registered boat. Online destinations like boaterexam.com make it easy to study for the test, take it and then print your temporary card and go on your way. If your trip is shorter, bring your boater license or education card from your home state, as Boater Exam highlights.

Spot Connect

Don’t count on getting 3G or 4G signal out on the lakes. Should an emergency occur, instead of hoping you make it back to shore in one piece with the crisis averted, look into the SPOT Connect (FindMeSpot.com). It’s a satellite receiver that interfaces with your phone through Bluetooth to allow you to make emergency calls, texts, and provide Internet access. In addition, it has a SOS mode that transmits your GPS coordinates to emergency responders.


Deeper is a fish finder that goes beyond your typical sonar device. It interfaces with your smartphone or tablet to give you a clear view of the fish, the pond bed, and how warm the water is. Deeper (BuyDeeper.com) is compatible with lake, ocean, and river fishing.

Marine GPS

Your typical GPS app isn’t going to cut it out on the water, where you require pinpoint accuracy to get yourself home safely. Garmin and other GPS companies manufacture marine specific GPS units with water charts that keep you safe and sound. The GPSMap 1020 by Garmin comes with worldwide water maps, updates your position 10 times every single second, tracks wind currents, and is also compatible with Garmin’s line of radar devices.

Boating Suite

Your smartphone comes in handy for entertainment value while you’re waiting for the fish to bite, but it can also help you take care of your boat. The Boating Suite app (BoatingSuite.com) provides you with a virtual log book, expense tracking, maintenance calendars, fuel tracking, and boat management. Its integrated to-do list and shopping list helps you stay on top of all of the tasks required to keep the boat up and running.

AyeTides XL

AyeTides XL (available from the iTunes Store) is another handy smartphone app for your Canadian boating adventure. It tracks water currents worldwide, with 10,000 locations total in its database. You get current views for two days, which allows you to look throughout the day to see the conditions of the currents. You also have the option to switch reporting stations to see different data points, with an offline mode allowing you to access this information even if you aren’t getting a data signal.

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