July 24, 2024

Copenhagen’s new cruise terminal has teething issues

Copenhagen will have 315 cruise ships arriving in 2014 bringing over 600,000 passengers. Copenhagen is a major turnaround port for Baltic cruises.

Copenhagen’s newest cruise terminal has just opened but passengers are finding the logistics of getting to and from this port a bit confusing. Copenhagen’s excellent public transportation system, which whisks locals and visitors around the city centre and to the airport, doesn’t quite extend to the city’s outlying port area where the new cruise terminal – Ocean Quay – is located.

A ship’s transfer is currently your best option for getting from Ocean Quay terminal to the airport or city centre. Other options include taking a taxi, but there are reportedly very long waits for a taxi outside the new cruise terminal and you could run up an excessively high fare in the slow-moving traffic of the port area. Public transit options include the city bus (#26), which runs Monday through Friday and takes you into the city centre. The nearest train station (Nordhavn) is a 45-minute walk from Ocean Quay.

The Freeport terminal is 2 kilometres closer to the city centre than Ocean Quay, but a ship’s transfer or taxi are the easiest way to travel between this terminal and the city centre or airport. The taxi fare from Freeport to the city centre is about US$40 and to the airport is about US$65. The #26 bus stops at Freeport (Monday through Friday). It’s a 15-minute walk to Nordhavn train station.

Once you’re reached the city centre, public transit between the city centre and airport is efficient, with trains and metro running regularly.

Copenhagen’s other two cruise piers – Langelinie Pier and Nordre Toldbod Quay – are located in the city centre.

map of Copenhagen showing cruise terminals.

Map of Copenhagen showing cruise terminals.

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