June 18, 2024

Cruise To Cabo San Lucas

Although sometimes busy, Cabo San Lucas has great beaches and lots of activities.

Ah, the holidays are right around the corner and for some adventurers, it may be time for a holiday cruise to escape the cold. For those with warm, sunny beaches on their mind and disposable income in their accounts, a cruise down south to sunny Cabo San Lucas might be the right cure for your pre-winter blues.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico offers tourists and party people alike a grand setting. Perched at the southern tip of Bahia de Cabo San Lucas and the Gulf of California, where the sand meets the sea, it is ranked in Mexico’s top five tourist spots. Cabo attracts millions of visitors every year for the region’s beaches, sunshine, marine sights, scuba and snorkeling, restaurants and nightlife.

In 2012, Mexico received more US tourists than almost all of Europe combined, noted Baja Insider. And even with U.S. State Dept. warnings, Mexico still is in the top 10 tourist destinations worldwide.

Fun And Safety

Because Cabo is known for a bit of ahem… overindulgence by travelers, thieves are usually looking for easy marks to steal wallets, cash and even in some cases, online identity. That’s not altogether different from other tourist locations where drinking and nightlife is plentiful. Travelers should keep some sort of wits about them, in order to avoid getting robbed or hurt.

Stories at Trip Advisor and other travel sites float around about how tourists are getting robbed at resorts, or falling for credit card scams at certain rental shops. These stories are just a tiny percentage of the overwhelmingly positive stories about Cabo San Lucas vacations. But it’s probably good advice for tourists to err on the right side of caution. If you do however fall prey to a credit card or identity theft scam for tourists, secure your other valuables, contact the local police and then consult with a service such as Lifelock for identity theft protection.


USA Today recently highlighted Cabo’s Melia Cabo Real as one of the top ten best all-inclusive resorts for romance and there’s no doubt that Cabo provides unbeatable vistas, gorgeous sunsets and wild nightlife scenes to make anyone fall in love again. Couples find that this sunny paradise is the best setting to rekindle that flame, find a new love and indulge in wild romantic explorations after sunset. Drinks by lagoon-shaped pools amid a beautiful beach setting are a nice bonus as well.


One of the upcoming highlights for fun activities in the Cabo sun is the current Baja Ha Ha Rally sailboat rally. The rally kicked off on October 27th in San Diego, CA, and finishes up on Saturday November 9th in Cabo San Lucas, according to its site “Baja-Haha.com”. It’s the 20th annual outing for this boat rally, that takes in some 750 miles and includes a few stops, allowing some of the slower boats to catch up. Its founder says the goal for the rally is pretty simple: Enjoy some awesome sailing, make a bunch of new friends, enjoy some sun and fun, and get to Cabo San Lucas safely.

The city’s shorelines are also gearing up for the big Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot, reports iCabo.com. It’s the 15th year in a row for the world’s richest tuna tournament. Dates are Nov. 6 – Nov. 9 with tuna fishing on Nov. 7-8. The Wyndham Hotel in Cabo is the sponsor/host.

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