June 18, 2024

Carnival Cruise Lines

Classification: Contemporary

Passenger/Space Ratio: 35

Website: www.carnival.com

Beautiful Carnival Breeze is one of the new super cruisers from the line with capacity of 3690 passengers.

This contemporary cruise line, based in Miami, can take credit for changing the public’s perception of cruising back in the 1970s – from being stuffy and formal to being casual and fun. Carnival’s ‘Fun Ships’ attract a high number of first-time cruisers, active couples and young families. Camp Carnival entertains children from age 2 to 11, and the teen clubs appeal to those age 12 to 17. Babysitting services and roomy quad cabins are other family-friendly features of Carnival ships, as are the waterslides. Upbeat venues for adults include deck parties, sports bars and comedy clubs. Carnival ships are large, carrying 2,000 to 3,700 passengers, with intriguing public areas which on their newer ships are similar to premium levels of passenger space.

With the largest fleet of any cruise line, Carnival deploys from numerous U.S. cities, including its main base port of Miami where year-round cruises to the Caribbean are offered. Carnival also offers cruises to the Mexican Riviera, Hawaii, Europe and other parts of the world. Officers are Italian and service staff are international.