April 24, 2024

Norwegian Cruise Line

Classification: Contemporary

Passenger/Space Ratio: 33

Website: www.ncl.com

NCL’s Epic features several speciality restaurants. The 155,000 ton vessels carries over 4000 passengers.

This company is credited as one of the first lines to invent modern cruising with trips from Miami to the Bahamas in the mid-1960s. Since then, it has remained one of the lines offering year-round cruises in the Caribbean and continues to operated the famous trans-Atlantic veteran Norway (formerly France). NCL is also prominent in Alaska and Europe and recently has begun cruising in Hawaii, Asia, India, South America and Australia. For Alaska customers, NCL was the first line to offer seven-day loop cruises out of Seattle with the Norwegian Sky, 77,104 tons and carrying 2,002 passengers. The line appeals to young couples and families with good entertainment and sports activities.

Officers are Norwegian and service staff are international.