July 24, 2024

Cruising Your Way to Adventure in the Caribbean

Warm power beaches in the Caribbean include Soufriere Bay on St. Lucia.

Legend has it that buried treasure rests deep in the sands of the Caribbean Sea. And that chests filled with gold coins, pearls and valuable items sit somewhere in the depths, lost to the world. Pirates would navigate the stormy seas with copper scrolls and treasure maps inked with a X to mark the spot. According to the stories, there was treacherous weather and formidable battles taking the pirates off course, leaving them with peg legs, eye patches, a wrecked pirate ship and no treasure.

Adventure of the Caribbean

These myths are so richly detailed in literature and film you often wish you had the opportunity to see the enchantment firsthand. Exploring an ancient shipwreck is only one of the ways for you to enjoy the adventure of the Caribbean. One of the best ways to explore the mystery of the islands is to take a cruise. The benefits are plentiful: Award-winning chefs preparing every type of meal or snack you could possibly dream of 24/7 and a plethora of onboard experiences while at sea. Deep-sea fishing and diving excursions, magical dolphin encounters, zip-lining through rainforests, horseback riding on the beach, eco-touring, exploring villages and investigating the ruins of a shipwreck are just some of the guided adventure treks available.

Will you find the hidden treasure in the shipwreck snorkel excursion in Barbados? If you can imagine it, you can do it when setting sail on a Celebrity Caribbean cruise. There’s more:

Belize City, Belize

The mystery of the ancient world and archeological magic reside in the ruins of the Mayans. Twenty percent of the Belize City area has a natural reserve system. Its protected waters lure divers from across the world to explore the 150 miles of reefs offshore. One Belize package begins with a hike through lush rainforest alongside colorful birds, peaceful iguanas and curious howler monkeys to a zip line experience of a lifetime. Fly through the forest ending at a cave where you will hop on a tube and journey into the deep beauty of the crystal-clear waters through tunnels of Belize’s underground cave system. The six-hour cave tubing and aerial trek is $149 and requires good physical condition.

Basseterre, St. Kitts

With many excursions available on the versatile island of St. Kitts, consider taking your taste buds on a journey as you embark on a unique culinary experience with food, fun and folklore. Take a visit to the botanical gardens where local chefs will whip up regional dishes and share stories of the history of West-Indian cooking and its roots.

St. Kitts offers many adventure options that include a snuba underwater adventure, nature kayaking, a Mount Liamuiga volcano hike, qaud biking, off-roading in the safari or see the entire country by train and catamaran.

Castries, St. Lucia

There are adventures aplenty on the lovely island of St. Lucia where the mystical Pitons (two volcanic plugs) sit majestically in their ocean home. This is the place you go in your mind when people tell you to go to your “happy place.” It offers romance, rejuvenation and adventure with palm-fringed beaches, unspoiled rainforest, natural waterfalls and stunning views. Ride horses on the beach, dive, windsurf, parasail … there are endless opportunities for frolic in St. Lucia.

Oh, yes … the beaches. The miles and miles of white sand beaches are unlike any other in the world.

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