May 24, 2024


In order to keep our readers up to date on changes and corrections for our book Alaska By Cruise Ship, we will post suggestions, corrections and updates. If you have any comments that might fall into the above categories, please email us at:

Correction to Juneau street map of 2014 printing of Eight Edition of Alaska By Cruise Ship.

We have an update to the above printing of our Alaska cruise book. This corrects the numbering of attractions in Juneau. The locations of the attractions are correct, but the numbers are out by one. You can print the map below or add one to the numbers on the map in your book. The text supporting the map is correct. The 2015 printing of the 8th Edition is correct as is both the 2014 and the 2015 ebook editions.

Correct map of Juneau for 2014 printing of Alaska By Cruise Ship.