April 24, 2024

International Cruises give lifelong memories

Arriving in Monte Carlo by cruise ship is lifetime thrill.

For a trip that combines relaxation, adventure and fun, there’s nothing like a cruise. And, with more ports of call to choose from than ever before, now is a perfect time to enjoy everything that cruising has to offer. Prepare for your cruise vacation by comparing dates, prices, attractions, looking up reviews and it doesn’t hurt to look up some cruise insurance information on TravelGuard.com. After you are a cruise expert, all you need to decide is what exciting destination you will set off to on your sea excursion.

The Caribbean

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all of the Caribbean’s islands are alike. Each is unique in its own way. For example, St. Maarten has a fascinating blend of French and Dutch culture. Ocho Rios, Jamaica is a must-see for hikers and nature lovers with its lush jungle and spectacular waterfalls. If white sand and emerald waters are what you’re after, then St. Lucia is the place for you. And, if you love attending festivals and seeing local culture, consider a trip to Puerto Rico during its annual Taste of the Caribbean Rum Festival.

The Mediterranean

For a breathtaking blend of centuries and old heritage with modern comforts, nothing beats a cruise along the Mediterranean. Barcelona, Venice, Athens and other ancient cities await you, as you gaze upon relics of bygone civilizations while enjoying 21st-century luxuries. You can explore the Parthenon one day and take a ride on a Venetian gondola the next.


Imagine a place like no other on earth— a vast, unspoiled land where humans are almost unknown. On any given day you may see whales coursing through the frigid ocean waters, penguins on their annual march, or seabirds engaging in elaborate courtship rituals. Wildflowers bloom on starkly beautiful islands where the temperature never climbs above 50 degrees and massive ice shelves are always in sight. These things and many more await you on a cruise to the Antarctic.


It’s for good reason that Bermuda is called “the jewel of the Atlantic.” Pink sandy beaches stretch along the coast and charming towns like St. George beckon to you with their history and culture. The capitol city of Hamilton offers everything from shops and boutiques filled with fascinating items to exhibits of recovered sunken treasure and spectacular views of the harbor. Sailing, snorkeling, glass-bottom boat excursions, fishing and golf are just some of the activities you can enjoy. For the ultimate in refreshment, be sure to try the national drink, a rum swizzle.

British Virgin Islands

Tucked away in the Northeastern Caribbean are the British Virgin Islands, home to unspoiled coves, hidden bays and spectacular sites like the Baths, known as “a natural Stonehenge by the sea” because of their resemblance to the ancient Druidic runes. Turquoise waters wash up on sparkling-white beaches while grottoes and pools make delightful places to swim. The J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens greet visitors with acres of lush tropical trees and plants. Tortola, capitol of the Islands, is filled with restaurants, shops and boutiques. Enjoy some of the local cuisine, like grilled chicken with pineapple salsa or pumpkin soup. And take home some Caribbean spices or artwork as souvenirs of your adventure.

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