July 24, 2024

Packing Tips for Your Dream Cruise

Packing for a vacation is an art. Especially if you’re off on a long cruise, you should have everything you could possibly need yet carry minimal luggage. To make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and to make unpacking easier, always begin by creating a list. This way, you don’t miss out on anything and there are fewer chances of you carrying extra baggage. You could do this the old-school way on a sheet of paper or download an app for your smartphone for simplified packing.


The first thing to put together before you head out for a cruise is a file with copies of all your documents. Your tickets are the most important, but also include proof of Identity, passports and visas (if any are required), medical insurance cards and a copy of your itinerary. A long cruise might give you the opportunity to spend the day on land at a port, so carry along your driver’s license.


A long cruise requires a variety of clothing. Pack two swimsuits, a minimal number of casual tops, shorts, skirts, and trousers that can all be paired with one another. Mix and match to give yourself a new look almost everyday. Accessories like scarves are lightweight, take up hardly any space and are excellent styling tools. Try not to carry clothes that require dry cleaning and remember that every cruise has an on-board laundry unit. Carry a good pair of walking shoes and a sunhat for all the time you will be spending at the various ports along the way. Also pack in a light jacket to keep you warm against the cool night breeze on deck. Try keeping your jewelry to a minimum and chose one pair of neutral shoes that will pair with all of your clothing.


While you might leave behind your laptop and tablets for short cruises, you might not be able to do without them on longer cruises. A camera with extra memory cards, batteries and charger is a cruise essential. You might not have enough plug points on your cruise, so remember to include a power strip or an extension cord. Check with the cruise about whether they have American or European sockets and carry along a plug converter if need be.

Medicines & Toiletries

Create a small first aid box with a limited stock of all your regular medicines. Carry the basic medicines against common ailments, band aids, muscle relaxants and pain relievers. Speak to your doctor before you leave and make sure you know the right dosage of any prescriptions drugs you might need.

Basic toiletries will be provided onboard but remember to carry along your moisturizers and creams. For women, a makeup mirror and a basic compact kit should be carried along as well. Your bathroom on the cruise might not have sufficient storage space, so think about carrying a small hanging organizer that hooks onto a door or hooks that can be suction-fixed onto the wall.

Just in Case

A lot can happen between all of the shuffling around–between boarding, departing, docking and exploring make sure that you are prepared. In the event that your favorite Oakley sunglasses get damaged, pack a pair of replacement lenses for a quick fix on-the-go.

Socializing and interacting with everyone you meet on your cruise may leave you exhausted and in need of some alone time. Instead of packing heavy hardbound books, load some good reads onto your e-book. A little light reading on the deck can put you at peace.

Protect yourself from the elements onshore by packing mosquito repellent to keep bugs away and an easy-fold umbrella to avoid sunburn during your time on land when the boat is docked.

Avoid Lost Luggage

The golden rule of packing for a vacation is not to carry anything you can’t bear to lose. Mark your luggage well and make sure your name and contact details are clearly visible on the off chance, your luggage gets mislaid.

Lastly, always carry the absolute essentials of your trip in your carry-on baggage so that no matter what happens, the basics are always with you.

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