May 24, 2024

Port Short to Nessebur, Bulgaria

Martin Gerretsen finishes his cruise in the Black Sea from Nessebur, Bulgaria.

Doc Martin Gerretsen reports from Nessebur Bulgaria, not a common port of call but one still quite interesting on the Black Sea.

Map of Black Sea

Martin’s cruise continued on to Istanbul where he finished his Black Sea adventure on the Seven Seas Mariner. Although he wasn’t able to supply a port short from Istanbul (too much night life he says) we’ve supplied an image of the Hagia Sophia, which is almost 1500 years old, making this port perhaps one of the most important in the Mediterranean to visit.

Read about the ports of the Black Sea cruise in Mediterranean By Cruise Ship, available online and in bookstores across North America.

The beautiful Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

See Martins port short: Nessebur