June 18, 2024

Tips to stay healthy on a cruise

A cruise should be relaxing and with a little preparation it can be.

Cruise vacations are an excellent way to relax, enjoy beautiful scenery, eat delicious food and visit exotic places. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, a few unwanted microscopic passengers might make you a little green around the gills while away at sea. But don’t worry! A few simple precautions can help you stay healthy and happy on your upcoming cruise trip. Spend less time sick in bed and more time enjoying the good life out on deck with these simple tips and tricks.

Prevent Jet Lag

Jet lag is unavoidable when traveling far distances. Although not quite considered a sickness, jet lag can certainly make your cruise less enjoyable. Avoid this unpleasant experience by preparing your internal clock days before you set sail and try to get into the time pattern of your destination a few days before. The quickest way to do this is to set you clock to get up at your regular hour but in the time zone of your destination. Too late for adjustments? Avoid that tempting cup of coffee and wait until the locals go to bed to hit the hay. If you’re feeling really tired, a 20-minute power nap should help you stay awake until their bedtime.

Protect Yourself Against the Sun

Spending hours on the deck of cruise ship and sightseeing in some of the world’s sunniest countries will take a toll on your skin, hair and eyes. Protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays by regularly applying sunscreen of at least 15 SPF, wearing a hat with a wide brim and using UV-absorbent shades. Avoiding a sunburn doesn’t have to be difficult or impractical. Use quick sunscreen spray, choose a hat that matches all your outfits and upgrade your pair of old sunglasses with 100 percent UV-protected replacement lenses.

Exercise and Eat Wisely

The amount of food available during a cruise can make your jeans feel snug fast. In fact, a poll by the Daily Mail found that cruisers gain a pound a day on average. Eating meals high in bad fats and carbs increases your chance of feeling bloated and lethargic. Choose meals high in protein for lasting energy you can burn off later. To stay lean and energized during your vacation, The Huffington Post advices eating only during regular meal times, using sightseeing and adrenaline-packed activities as an excuse to exercise and keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum. With so much to do and see, you might even find you lose weight during your cruise!

Keep Seasickness at Bay

One of the most common health complaints of cruise ship passengers is seasickness, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Decrease queasiness by packing over-the-counter motion sickness medication, having a piece of ginger candy or selecting a calmer itinerary. Everyday Health reports that the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea tend to be calmer than other areas of the Atlantic. Opt for a large cruise ship and ask to stay in a cabin mid-ship near the water line to minimize swaying.

Remember Your Prescriptions

After all you’ve done to keep yourself healthy you don’t want to fall sick because you forgot your medications. Make sure to pack your medicine in its original container and bring a copy of your prescriptions. If you forget your medication or run out, a cruise ship doctor typically “can provide replacement for a few days and write a prescription so you can buy your medication at the next port of call,” says cruise ship physician, Dr. Gary Razon.

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