April 24, 2024

Windstar Cruises offers “Sail, Sip and Savor” cruises

Windstar Breeze was lengthened in 2019 to accommodate over 300 passengers.

Windstar Cruises has presented more theme varied cruises for the summer and fall with their “Sail, Sip, and Savor” itineraries.  The cruises to savor new world wines in Australia, Europe and New Zealand are proving especially popular as the cruise line promotes access to unique ports and smaller towns were larger ships often can’t go.

The line says guests will have the freedom to explore wine country like a local by meeting growers and vintners and walk through the vineyard grounds to learn more about the various grapes and wine produced. Windstar, with ships ranging in size from 148 to 342 guests are known as a luxury brand with cruise destinations around the world.

The line produces an excellent guide for cruises to the end of 2023 with information on their ships and cruise destinations available to download as a PDF on their site at: Windstar.

The “Voyage Collection” is filled with pages that will transport you to tropical paradises and uncrowded ports combining the best cruises with land tours across the globe as well as details on the completely transformed Star Plus Class ships.

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Anne Vipond is the author of several guidebooks to cruising destinations around the world. She draws on an extensive sailing background to impart her enthusiasm for cruise travel. From her home port of Vancouver, she travels by cruise ship to a wide range of destinations to keep her books current and useful for her cruise readers. Her cruising articles have been published in magazines and newspapers throughout North America and over seas.